#5 ~ Raven

Out of a cataclysmic smoke, arouse a raven of treacherous sins. Flipped his wings loud into the sky And made a throatier deeper call, to quench the thirst for dark blood of savage dogs. No croaking call came in return. Before the inevitable destiny, the raven stood alone losing all the accomplices. His shrivelled throat […]

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#4 ~ Unsolicited Love

Lost among the stars of mourning nights, I was an absent child in an active world. Deliberately shrinked into a violet flower, never ever have I thought of unveiling my petals for the love of a tender wind. But it happened. An unsought gentle touch.. All my efforts not to fall in love crushed into […]

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#3 ~ My Sad Lily Flower

I was kind enough not to pluck off the ignored blue lily from my flawless garden. Blue, with stains of white unfurled a woeful face, dangled with frail petals. Those eyes, that blinked and drizzled, reminded me of the pale, unrequited love, once I had. It was long ago. A melacholical tone came behind a […]

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#2 ~ I Stood Blank

With a handful of metaphors, as the only possessions after a long three year old devour of literature, I stood blank before a bare paper, with a futile, but partially filled ink pen, that stained throbbing ink upon my face. Taken aback, I found the so-called patient paper, sighing at me hiding a spasm of […]

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#1 ~ That Oceanic Wave

I am the colourless pebble, lying on the vast shore of life Look at me or pry me for you can see how brittle I am Over years, I have been here in this shingle shore, lonely and sulky My soft outwear now has marks of contiguity with rocks and stones Nevertheless, I went forth, […]

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