#3 ~ My Sad Lily Flower

I was kind enough

not to pluck off

the ignored blue lily

from my flawless garden.

Blue, with stains of white

unfurled a woeful face,

dangled with frail petals.

Those eyes, that blinked

and drizzled,

reminded me of the

pale, unrequited love,

once I had.

It was long ago.

A melacholical tone

came behind a vicious gale.

And the blue lily

was about to dwintle

into a petal-less,

even more drooped

thread of gray roots.

Roots, which were about to die..

I wish she had wings

instead of petals,

that she could

leave the roots behind

and fly off

from a desperate land.

Her invisible fallen hairs

were dancing with

the singing of a spooky bird.

Moon has lit the lamp

And my lily flower

turned more gloomy.

The sombre rhythm

of dark wind,

slightly touched her

soft little petals.

And in that single pat,

my sad lily flower

withered her seemingly

feeble, but immensely

hefty petals into the

painless coral crust.

And the gray roots

now stashed away

to the mantle

deeper and deeper..

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